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Slitpro International is a leading, regional Systems Integration and digital transformation solutions provider that supports its clients’ pursuit of operational excellence and profitability. With over 20 years of operational experience, hundreds of projects delivered, and intellectual capital that spans multiple industry sectors, Slitpro’s team of over 50 experts is fully capable of integrating and delivering innovative consulting, business, and technology solutions with a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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Integrating and delivering innovative consulting, business, and technology solutions with a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction

Business Applications

  • Driving growth  from new markets, new customer segments and opportunities, marketing transformation and innovation.

ICT Solutions

As our solutions are flexible, we allow you to select various IT components or outsource the entirety of your IT

ISP Solutions

Comprehensive and unified ISP billing software as well as bandwidth management platform to Wired, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VSAT service operators. 

Cloud Solutions

Slitpro International is a leading provider of edge technology solutions for healthcare, Education, and Transportation Sectors.

Datacenter Solutios

Experts in building Private owned state of art datacenter with backup and Bulletproof Cyber Security to provide 99.9% up time..

About Us

Slitpro International, a leading ICT Systems Integrator in the Asia region, provides services to meet the diverse needs of businesses through four main practices: consulting, technology, outsourcing, and human capital development. We take pride in being able to provide the highest quality in each.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are essential to any company looking to focus on their core business. It is a monthly flat-rate based contract between an IT provider and an organisation; wherein the IT provider proactively monitors and maintains the organisation’s workstations, servers and IT infrastructure

Managed IT service desk

Our Managed IT service desk and on-site support are provided by certified and experienced local engineers.  Our capabilities include monthly reporting, multiple points of entry by phone, email or advanced remote management tools that diagnose IT issues in real time.

Managed IT infrastructure

Our Managed IT infrastructure solutions are tailored to support unique business requirements.  We apply proven processes that actively monitor networks, quickly addressing any issues before they affect your organisation.

Managed IT monitoring

Our Managed IT monitoring services will proactively scan and monitor your infrastructure, desktops, servers and devices and notify of potential issues before they impact your business.

IT Cyber Security Services

Slitpro International provides a range of IT Security Services that help expose hidden risks in your networks, stop unknown threats and identify and isolate compromised systems in your organisation. Our IT security team work with your business to develop a layered IT security strategy consisting of the following IT Security Services:

Network Security Services

Network security is a high priority for any organisation that works with networked data and systems. Our Network Security Services are tailored to support unique business requirements. We apply proven processes that actively monitor networks, expose suspicious traffic or risky activity and isolates infected systems to stop threats from spreading.

Email Security Services

LEmail serves as a phishing and malware distribution channel for threat actors to steal sensitive business and customer data. Our Email Security Services secures company emails from deletion, viruses, and theft and protects them from hyper-targeted attacks.

Website Security Services

Websites APIs and applications are a significant vector for cyber criminals seeking to penetrate your systems. Attacks can range from targeted database manipulation to large-scale network disruptions. Our Website Security Services will protect your organisation from sophisticated vulnerabilities and threats

IT Security Assessment and Auditing Services

IT security is an issue for many businesses, and hackers are only getting more intelligent. IT audits and IT security assessments look at the technology, controls, policies and practices your organisation has to determine whether relevant standards and regulations are being complied with properly. 

Cloud Services

The Cloud is one of those intangible things. It’s a place you may never see nor truly understand and can only reached via the internet. Large amounts of hardware can be operated in the cloud

Private cloud

A private cloud is a network of shared IT resources distinctly dedicated to a specific client. It relies on remote, data centre infrastructure, to form a secure and scalable solution that can virtualise entire business environments in advanced and independent cloud ecosystems without compromising control, privacy or security.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration is the process of transferring business data, software applications, and other essential IT components from an onsite location to the cloud. In some cases it may involve the removal, disposal or replacement of in-house IT hardware. Cloud migration can also be conducted between one cloud environment to another cloud environment.

Cloud Services

The Cloud is one of those intangible things. It’s a place you may never see nor truly understand and can only reached via the internet. Large amounts of hardware can be operated in the cloud.

Private Cloud

Cloud Migration

Office 365

Job Management Sys

IT Services

Slitpro International IT Solutions we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we’ve developed a personalised approach to IT services, so that we can deliver tailored IT services within the full scope of what you require. Once we understand your individual business requirements, we then customise solutions that ensure your products and services work together.

IT Projects

Providing the end-to-end solution

Hardware life cycle refresh, infrastructure design and implementation, IT office relocation or new site setup, whatever be your project requirements, Slitpro International has the procurement experience and IT expertise to support your organisation with any of your IT project requirements.

With a goal to deliver the project with minimal disruptions, we provide a dedicated project manager to the necessary project. With such an option, the possibilities are endless as to how far you can take the technological advancement of your business with your one-stop technology partner.

Business Phone System

We only use the systems you know and trust

Don’t let outdated phone systems hold you back. The recent advancements in business communications calls for advanced communications systems. Boost your company’s sales and increase staff productivity with latest and up-to-date business phone systems. Having worked closely with Cisco, Skype for Business and 3CX phone systems, we ensure that we can provide you with VoIP solutions that best suits your business needs.

Our team can analyse your business operations and recommend the best options for your organisation. Unify your VoIP systems with other communication systems and enjoy the benefit of a complete communications package tailored for you.

IT Planning

A business without a plan, is a business planning to fail

IT planning involves understanding business objectives, assessing the current situation and laying a well-thought strategy about effectively allocating your time, capital and resources. A successfully implemented IT plan provides organisations with a competitive advantage and helps them reach their goals faster.

We help small and medium businesses minimise the costs and risks associated with poorly optimised IT entities. If you would like to reprioritise your IT strategy and achieve increased business benefits contact Empower IT Solutions for a quick quote. Whatever the nature and scale of disruption; an effective disaster recovery plan and optimised business continuity strategy can help minimise the impact on your company.

IT Systems Health Check

An IT systems health check identifies the inconsistencies, irregularities and inefficiencies that are causing an organisation’s network to operate ineffectively. A thorough systems health check helps discover opportunities to increase computing efficiencies and reduce costs.

The Slitpro International’s IT health check provides businesses with a comprehensive report on:

  • hardware status,
  • software licenses,
  • end-of-life milestones,
  • future readiness,
  • recommendations for network optimisation, and
  • capacity planning.

If you are experiencing constant issues with your workstations and networks or are worried about being hit by ransomware; our team can conduct a comprehensive IT systems health check.

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